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Dagmar Feyen: The Tuesday Thing

Harmony Workbook - part one

Posted on November 29, 2011
And to show that this time, I mean business, you get two pieces instead of one.
The first topic in the harmony book of Persichetti is a classification of intervals on a scale from sharp dissonant to open consonant. Therefor, I wrote two "Two Part Inventions" to explore these interval qualities. (actually, I wrote one already last week, but never got to uploading it ...).
Embedded in the PDF of the partition is a MP3-file of the computer rendering of the music, and there is also a short explanation of the process involved in composing the piece.
Happy listening (and commenting?)!    I almost forgot: in the PDF partitions, there is an empty square in the upper left corner. If you click in it, you here the music.
Two Part Invention #1
Two Part Invention #2

Fresh start and new approach ...

Posted on November 22, 2011
What is the best way to study a textbook about 20th century harmony?Write compositions in the idiom that is at hand.
So for this reason I planned to start a composition project that I call "The Harmony Workbook" were I will use the techniques of the Harmony textbook by Vincent Persichetti "Twentieth Century Harmony - Creative Aspects and Practice" (Norton and Co. 1967).
So from next tuesday on, there will be a small piano piece, handling one of the topics of this book, with a small explanation of it.
hope you will enjoy!

6 years ago, i wrote a piano piece for a wedding of my niece. It was called "Fantasia a due Soggetti" (Fantasy on two themes), because I used their names (Frauke and Hugues) for composing the themes. For my final assignment for the Berklee Music Orchestrating Course, I chose to score it for full orchestra.
The result you can hear this week in The Tuesday Thing!
(and don't forget to post some comments!)

Did you miss me? (probably not!)

Posted on November 2, 2010
I'm multitasking like crazy for the moment, but today I managed to write some music that I can use for my course in film scoring at It is called "Ostinato" and when you hear the guitar part you will know why it is called that way.
(and don't forget to post some comments!)

For my third piece for guitar, I chose the form of a Baroque Sarabande. It was fun to try out some embellishments, and luckily I had feedback from a professional guitarist, which accounted for some minor changes (Thank you, Jan!).
I hope that you enjoy this little Sarabande as TTT 2010-11! Sarabande.mp3

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